UNESCO World Heritage Sites

For the last few years, I’ve been trying to keep track of all the UNESCO World Heritage sites that I’ve visited. If I’ve been there in the past 7 years, then I’ve probably blogged about them, and you can click on the link to find out more about each place.

For the complete list, visit http://worldheritagesite.org/worldheritagelist.html


40. Iwami Ginzan silver mines, Japan


39. Shirakawago, Japan


38. Fujisan, Yamanashi Japan
37. Gusuku of Ryukyu, Okinawa Japan


36. Ayutthaya, Thailand
35. The Forbidden City, Beijing
34. The Summer Palace, Beijing
33. The Temple of Heaven, Beijing
32. The Great Wall of China


31. Ancient Kyoto, Japan
30. Genbaku Dome, Hiroshima, Japan
29. Itsukushima Shrine, Japan
28. Ancient Nara, Japan
27. Nikko, Japan
26. Macau, China


25. Mont St. Michel, France
24. Le Havre, France


23. Cartagena, Colombia
22. Tikal National Park, Guatemala
21. Antigua, Guatemala
20. Copan, Honduras
19. Palenque, Mexico
18. Oaxaca and Monte Alban, Mexico
17. Mexico City
16. Mitla, Mexico
15. Leon Cathedral, Nicaragua
14. Panama Viejo, Panama City, Panama

Before 2010

13. Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium
12. Acropolis, Athens, Greece
11. Corfu, Greece
10. Vatican City
9, Rome, Italy
8. Pompeii, Italy
7. Amsterdam, Netherlands
6. Stonehenge, UK
5. Westminster, UK
4. City of Bath, UK
3. Tower of London, UK
2. Edinburgh, UK
1. Liverpool, UK


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