The Art Aquarium

Have been very busy recently, as this month I’ve started the teaching practice part of the Diploma Tesol qualification, which involves coming in every Sunday, and every other Sunday teaching a lesson to a group of at least 10 students. All part of a day’s work you may think, but the lesson requires intensive planning and preparation, and the first one took about 16 hours to plan the one hour lesson! Much different from my normal lesson where in a regular week I might teach the same lesson two or three times and so can keep the same plan.

On top of that, I’m also in the middle of three research projects which need to handed in in the middle of November, so all free time before, during and after work has been directed towards doing something towards the Diploma. It’s been hectic so far, and is likely to continue until the end of November when I’ll finally get a break again, but it’s already knackering!

As such it’s meant that I’ll be working six day weeks for the next few months, and have very little disposable free time in the near future.

However, last Friday, we did manage to escape for an hour or two to an exhibition in Nihombashi entitled “The Art Aquarium”. Arranged by producer Hidetomo Kimura, the exhibition is a dazzling display of goldfish and wacky light displays, with different shaped tanks lit by many colours from a wide range of angles, producing a cracking display of fish.

Only around until September 23, we felt it was a good op to get away from work for a bit and take advantage while we still could. Enjoy the photos!












Standing in line

Standing in line

Parts were really busy!

Parts were really busy!