Okinawa 沖縄

Nestled halfway between Kyushu in southern Japan and Taiwan just off the coast of China, Okinawa is a gorgeous chain of Japanese islands famous for its beaches and year-round hot temperatures, and six day holiday at the end of June provided a perfect opportunity to spend a few days down there.


Having moved house at the beginning of the month, the weeks before and the weeks after the move had been both tiring and stressful, what with packing, organising, unpacking, dealing with all the paperwork and the attendant Japanese bureaucracy, and we were in dire need of a few days R&R.


Shuri-jo castle

And that’s just what we had!

We visited Shuri-jo, the UNESCO-recognised 14th century Ryukyu castle on a beautifully clear day that was so incredibly hot, we had a to wait in the visitor centre for a bit just for the air con!


We also took a ferry from the main city of Naha to the outlying island of Tokashiki to chill on the beach at Aharen. Having another scorching day, we went for a dip and a snorkel on the beach and had to go and pay for an umbrella so we didn’t frazzle while we we were out of the water, but we both ended up burning anyway despite all our precautions!

IMG_1820To be honest, we didn’t really do much more than that. We attempted to (and in fact succeeded in) visiting a wetlands park, however only to find that it was closed on the one day we went there! However, it was a nice and relaxing few days, only for it as usual to feel like we’d never been away just as soon as we got back again!







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