The Penguin Bar

Tucked away just round the corner from our hotel in Okinawa, we passed an intriguing place with the name on the sign of “ペンギンのいる Bar”, or in English, “the bar in which penguins are present”. With our interest piqued, we decided to drop in for a drink on our last night and see whether it lived up to its name.

Indeed it did!




On passing through the door, we were greeted by a life size stuffed polar bear, and the chill of a room cooled to well below a normal room temperature. At the side of the bar was a huge tank, within which three little penguins were indeed present! They did have a little pool to swim around in, but for the whole time we were in there, they mostly kept to themselves and were nattering on to each other in the corner.




On the table we had penguin shaped hand towels, and there was actually a reasonably wide range of (sadly non-penguin themed) snacks and drinks, and not too unreasonable prices either. There’s apparently three other penguin bars in Japan, in Ikebukuro and Kobe, if you fancy popping in somewhere more convenient.




We sat around for about 40 minutes to see if they’d do anything (they didn’t) before realising that when they didn’t do anything it was effectively just a normal bar with a couple of penguins in the corner!



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