Moving house (again!)

Having been in a company apartment since we moved back to Japan last summer, we finally took the plunge (or more to the point had finally saved up enough) to move out into the Tokyo private sector. It also meant we could move back in to Tokyo proper, having had 10 months out in the wilderness of Chiba. Working out in Chiba, it made sense to live there, but having experienced the bright lights of the city when I lived in Tokyo before, we were pining to live in a slightly more happening place than the quiet little suburban ville of Funabashi-hoten. So, although we still work in Chiba, we’ve moved to a much more central location in Kinshicho, which makes it much easier to get to more interesting places in the city. Oh, and it’s a much nicer house! It makes a big upgrade on the tiny little box I had when I first came to Japan in 2011!

Some photos of our Hoten house, on cleaning day as we left it for the last time!






And our new Kinshicho house on moving in day!






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