Christmas in Hong Kong

Christmas Day started with a merry breakfast of leftover pierogi and looking at what Father Christmas had left for us overnight. A leisurely morning was spent playing with our presents and eating chocolates, before attention turned to Christmas dinner.

After Helen’s success with Wigilja the day before, it was now my turn to try and pull off a pot roast dinner without ever having done it before. Armed with the opening of a bottle of Bucks Fizz and the wealth of the internet at my disposal, the recipes seemed much easier than I’d thought.

P1070279We’d found a whole chicken in the supermarket (no turkey this year; they did sell them here, but not in sizes that would anywhere near fit in our pot), and unlike lots of the whole chickens here the head and feet had thankfully already been removed. Any fears of immediate butchery were allayed furthermore upon discovery of the giblets already removed and packed in a bag inside ready for throwing straight in the bin.

I quickly browned the outside of the chicken, before removing it from the pot to quickly half fry some onions before adding some carrots and broccoli, before delicately sliding the chicken back in again. And that was all I needed to do, so I left it with the lid on for a couple of hours and didn’t have to think much about it apart from checking it every half hour or so. Remarkably easy on the face of it!

We sat down to watch My Fair Lady and finish the Bucks Fizz while we waited, and also treated ourselves to some more chocolates. As it was getting ready, we put some potatoes on, and tried roasting some of them by crispy-ing the edges in a pan after they done, which worked pretty well. We also attempted making some stuffing by wrapping the mixture in tin foil and leaving that in the pan next to the roasting potatoes. I think if we’d started that a little earlier it would have worked just as well, but I think we left it a little late so it was still a little soggy when we started eating.

Overall impression – not quite a roast dinner but bloody marvellous considering nonetheless!

P1070289After dinner we were exhausted and wanted to crash out for a couple of hours in the afternoon, and I managed a little snooze over the end of My Fair Lady. It was our first real break from anything to do for a few days, and it had been non-stop until then!

That evening it was my turn for the family Skype and it was great to see everybody again having Christmas back at home in England. Whilst we still had a very nice time and tried replicating Christmas as best we could here, there was definitely still that little something missing, and hopefully next year we’ll be able to get back again to see everyone for Christmas once again.