The past 4 months

Finally I’m back at work! After two weeks holiday, two weeks job hunting, two weeks attending interviews and two months waiting for my visa to arrive, finally the Hong Kong honeymoon is over! Which is a bit of luck really, as I’ve now spent all the money I’d saved in Japan so I’m back at zero until I can start saving again!

“How do you spend four months with nothing to do without going out of your mind?” I hear you asking. Well, it’s not easy. Obviously, the first few weeks were the easiest as I was in a new city and still had lots of money, so I could do lots of exploring and sightseeing and didn’t feel that bad about it. After I’d seen the sights, and it started dawning how there was no more money coming in until not only I’d secured a job, but also started it and been paid for it, the enthusiasm waned a little bit. After attending interviews, trial lessons, second interviews and accepting a job offer, I still had 4-6 weeks while Hong Kong Immigration processed my visa application, and hopefully allowing me to stay and work in the country.

I started going through the Amazon back catalogue, reading the freebies and other interesting titles that caught my fancy. I now know a lot more about the Victorian explorers searching for the source of the River Nile, and how their actions inadvertently led towards the scramble for Africa by the European empires at the turn of the twentieth century, a book which led to me others both fiction and non-fiction about the empires.

Without wanting to completely waste those 4-6 weeks, I also set out to try and learn as many kanji as possible (the Chinese characters they also in Japanese), and ended up with a not too shabby 1500 odd. I have been missing my weekends learning Japanese in the Doutor coffee shop in Kami Shakujii and my weekly lessons with Junko, so I will have to have to try and get back into the swing of things soon and try to find someone here who I can practice with.

It is very nice now to be back at work again though, even though my free time has now shot right down again. It’s nice to have a focus again and something to get out of bed in the morning for, something I haven’t really had for the past four months.

Onwards then to Christmas!