The Mid-Autumn Festival

Over the past week, lanterns and lights have been going up all over Hong Kong in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Harvest festival. Traditionally on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese calendar, the day is a public holiday and families spend the day together before heading to parks or beaches in the evenings with their brightly coloured lanterns and watching fireworks over Victoria Harbour. In Victoria Park there is a carnival atmosphere as the park becomes laden with lights, lanterns, puppeteers, and dancing performers. The highlight is the parade of the fire dragon, a 220 foot long dragon with segments stuffed with straw and stuck full of incense sticks, first seen to drive away plague from the small village of Tai Hang, and continued by residents of the village in memory of the incident.

We headed to Shek O beach on Hong Kong island to watch the lanterns (and these days hundreds of glow sticks too!) as dusk descended, before heading to Victoria Park to catch the festivities and the fire dragon later on.

The Fire Dragon

Victoria Park

Shek O Beach


One thought on “The Mid-Autumn Festival

  1. We enjoyed reading your latest account of the harvest celebrations. I bet it really looked super! Why don’t we have anything like this in England?

    Best wishes
    The Chandlers

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