Moving house!

So the move has all gone to plan! Moving from Kami Shakujii in western Tokyo to Mei Foo on the mainland part of Hong Kong went through without a hitch (I won’t count the little internet hitch from the last post, which by the way has now been resolved in our favour); the new flat is amazing, much bigger than my ‘cosy’ little Kami Shakujii pad, and we have an amazing view of the cityscape of Hong Kong island. We’re still a little sparse of furniture, but getting things as we need them; chairs will probably be next on the list, as we’re currently either sitting on the bed or the floor, and with that a table will probably follow, but they’re not too important for us at the moment. Anyway, here are some pictures of where I spent the last 12 months in Tokyo, and where I’ll be spending at least the next 12 months in Hong Kong!

KS house from the outside

KS bedroom on the day I moved out, with fridge, table and TV, and traditional tatami mat on the floor

My small Tokyo kitchen, most annoyingly with only one hob

My Tokyo bathroom

My bedroom from the opposite angle – the door goes to a balcony with my washing machine


The Hong Kong house

With a much bigger kitchen! (2 hobs!)

HK Bathroom

The view from our flat over Hong Kong!


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