Avoid PCCW!

So another few days have passed, I’ve been around some of the sights of the city, more of which at a later date, and gradually got used to the humidity a little.

Having sorted out a fridge and a bed for the flat in the first two weeks, and being sick of having to use dodgy wifi from McDonalds and shopping centres when they have it, we’ve been trying to get internet sorted this week and it’s proving a right niggly bastard.

There’s a company called PCCW which has an effective monopoly over broadband provision in the city. Bearing this in mind, we went into a store and had a chat with a guy in there to see what they could offer us.

The first pain in the backside was that seemingly they can only provide 24 or 36 month contracts, which firstly I can’t believe, and secondly is absolutely ridiculous. We were expecting we’d probably have to pay more for a 12 month contract but not that we wouldn’t even be allowed one.

On a return visit, I was told that whilst 24 months was all they could offer, we could transfer the contract to a friend after 12 months and they would continue to receive the service (and pay) for the final 12 months. Whilst still not ideal, it was something to work with, and I’d managed to get a reasonable price out of the assistant.

I returned with Helen to sign the contract (she’s the only legal resident here at the moment) and thought no more of it.

Two days later we got a phone call from the same guy saying we can’t have the price we agreed any more because that was a special offer which had now expired. My response was effectively ‘tough titties’, we signed a contract at an agreed price. They said it was no longer available at that price. Annoyingly, not having Internet has meant I can’t really check the legalities of their reneging on a contract, but surely if we agreed a price with them that was stated on the contract, they have to honour it if it’s their mistake? If we’d changed our minds and said no we don’t want it they’d be on us like a ton of bricks with cancellation fees all over the place.

We’ve told the guy it’s not our problem and have written a letter of complaint to his manager (who had actually checked the price in store when we signed the contract) but currently it’s stalemate. We’ve said we expect the contract to be honoured or we’ll go to a different provider. Surely we’re in the right here?

What is annoying is that because of their near monopoly, there’s not really many other affordable providers around. Rock and a hard place.

In other news, I’ve had an interview and job offer from an English school here, and they’ve said they’ll sponsor my visa as well which is very nice, and I’m just ironing out some details with them as well; also harder because of the lack of reliable Internet.

Hopefully this’ll all be sorted soon and I can upload some photos again!


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