Some Shane goodbyes

My year in Japan was spent working for Shane English School, priding itself on being Tokyo’s only English school specialising in teaching British English. The biggest perk for me was that during the week, lessons don’t start until 1pm, which meant that getting up at 9 or 10 was never an issue, and for a lazy bones like me it was perfect! Each day I worked at a different school in Tokyo, which meant that though the lesson material was often the same, the surroundings and people I worked with were different, so it was easier not to get bored of the same place or the same people too easily. However, working in 5 different schools also means saying 5 lots of goodbyes instead of just one! Here’s some of the pictures from my last week at school, and some of the goodbye parties.

Kuniko (left) is the receptionist at Shin-Tokorozawa school on Tuesdays, Junko (right) was my Japanese teacher and Kuniko’s friend

Hisako, Kyoko and Chie from Shin-Tokorozawa

Sydney, who I worked with in Ikebukuro on Wednesdays

Yui and Mio, my two sweet little 5 year olds!

Daiki, Honori and Ami

5 girls and a boy I taught on Fridays in Kumegawa

Mituse, Kimiko and Takako from Kumegawa

Seki-san and Setsuko-san, receptionists at Kumegawa on Fridays

My Kumegawa leaving party

Manami and Oliver, who I worked with at Ikebukuro on Wednesdays

R-L: Glen, Rina and Yuriko from Gotanda School, and Yuka


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