First weeks in Tokyo

Hello again!

I’ve arrived in Tokyo, and have been here for just gone three weeks now. Finally getting used to the Japanese way of life, struggling with the immense heat (it’s 30+ every day), and have found my way around a bit.

Have had a very busy few weeks – after being taken to my apartment straight from Narita airport on the Saturday, I had some initial training in one of the schools on the Sunday, continuing through to the following Sunday.

After generously being allowed a day off on the Monday, I was thrown in the following day for my first day of work and absolute blag session. I told myself that my first week would be mainly getting to know my students (and as it turns out, the textbooks). Everyone is very nice and friendly, the Japanese love helping people, and I’ve been made to feel very welcome.

I’m on a week’s summer holiday now (good timing!) and have managed somehow to buy a phone, a laptop, sort out my health insurance, and with several visits to the city hall got my foreigners’ residence card.

Back into work next week, hopefully continuing where I left off!


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