Plunging New Depths

Wow. Add to the list of fantastic things I’ve done on this trip learning to Scuba dive. I’m currently on the Honduran island of Utila (googlemap it, it’s fantastic) where this morning I’ve just become a certified open water scuba diver, which means I can dive anywhere I want in the world up to a depth of 18m! Which is pretty cool.

Have been out in the water for the last four days; the first two learning key skills that you need all the time (what to do if your regulator (mouthpiece) comes out, if your goggles come off etc) and the last two have been out on the boats and over the reef, swimming right through schools (shoals?) of tropical fish, seeing the marine life in the reefs and generally having an absolutely awesome time. The first few days were a bit nervy, after all breathing underwater doesn’t come naturally. The last two days have been incredible. It appears that breathing underwater comes just as naturally as breathing out of water!

I’m out on the water again for a couple more dives tomorrow morning, and after that I’m not too sure. Would love to stay around for a bit longer, but even though this is one of the cheapest places in the world to dive, it’s still a bit out of budget to hang around for too long! So will weigh that up later on.

After I leave, I’m heading down to San Salvador. There’s not really much I want to do there except get a stamp in the passport from there before heading off again into Nicaragua for a couple more weeks.


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