Heading South, from Mexico City to Oaxaca


The Zocalo (main square) in Mexico City

Sadly I didn’t make it to the pyramids on Sunday as I was apparently the only one from the hostel who wanted to go (they had done another trip on Saturday morning (which is how I found out about it), but by the time I got in on Friday night I was exhausted and beyond caring to ask which trips they had to offer), so I went to the zoo instead. Not too bothered, as there’s lots of other ruins on the way, though at this place there was the 3rd biggest pyramid in the world.

The zoo was right in the middle of I suppose the Hyde Park equivalent, called (let me get the guide book out) Bosque de Chapultepec. I took the Metro out there (so cheap!! I think about 18p for a single ticket), and had a lovely walk through the park, where seemingly the whole city goes on a Sunday as it was buzzing! Loads of people with stalls selling everything imaginable, and families going for a walk, kids having a kickabout. I’ve noticed I’ve been getting a lot of funny looks, but that’s probably cos I’m about a foot taller than most of the locals and probably the whitest person they’ve ever seen.

Mexico City on the whole was a great place, very loud and colourful. Walking down the streets, the music coming from shops was immense, and there’s people playing instruments on the pavements (looked like Sally Army equivalents). There’s police everywhere which makes you feel kind of safe (apart from when you’re doing a runner from a shoe shiner), and the female officers love to dole themselves up while on the job.

The Zocalo in Oaxaca

Yesterday I had a nice six hour coach trip to Oaxaca (pron: wa-HACka) which is an absolultely lovely place. Seem to have lucked in with my hostel as its plush. Very nice, a lot nicer than Hostel Amigo where it got a bit too noisy with people coming and going all the time. Oaxaca´s a gorgeous little town with lots of squares and fountains and generally very nice. I was trying to upload some photos here but their computers are quite old and I’m not allowed to install the software needed to do so (so will have to wait once more I’m afraid!).

Dinner yesterday, you’ve got to laugh. Mum look away now. The one thing this hostel doesnt offer is an evening meal, so for the first time me and el Phrasebooko went out for something to eat. I found a nice little cafe, and was about to order a nice Oaxaqueños dish (oo ark at him) when I realised that they only did that in the mornings. Rushing a bit as the waitress was coming over, I ordered the next thing I saw on the page, and was so proud that I remembered to order a Coke sin huelo (without ice) that I forgot the other rule of food that I was told to abide by: don´t order anything that could be prepared with water and not cooked.

A cactus tree

Cue an 80% lettuce dish coming out, and a stifled laugh-grimace. Still, want not waste not. Out then came some little bowls of things to go with the salad. The first one I could distinguish as onions so I left them well alone. The next one I didn’t have a clue what it was, it looked a bit olive-y, so thought ‘when in Rome’ and piled it on. Yep, chillies. So fear not mum could barely eat the salad anyway! (Jokes: of course I could, I’m eating fine, and not going hungry or anything like that, FEAR NOT.)

And then came the piece de resistance. Once I’d finished, I pulled from nowhere ‘Desculpe, ¿puedo tener la cuenta? por favor’, a full 7-worder, wam bam THANK YOU MA’AM. If words had been letters and I was on Countdown, Susie Dent would have been proud.


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