Arriving in Mexico City

I have arrived safely!

I had a lovely 24 hour day of travelling yesterday with I think in total about 13 hours flights and 7 hours sitting around various airports. I spectacularly managed to lose my passport wallet in the check in queue at Heathrow and with it my yellow fever certificate, which means getting into Panama later could be a problem (but hopefully not). The one thing that kept coming into my head on the flight was Airplane quotes (so I was chuckling along to myself about drinking problems and not calling people Shirley) and COR how the Americans love feeding you. Having never been Trans-atlantic before I don’t know if its the norm or not, but I had two meals out to JFK, one more down to Mexico City and to top it off a MaccyDs in the JFK terminal.

I arrived at 11pm Mexican time, which is 5am British time, and had a lovely taxi ride to my hostel where I crashed out til morning. I took a little walk around the city this morning, and took some pictures of a big flag in the city centre, before stumbling upon and having a look round a museum on instruments of torture, which made me feel a little queasy. I also bumped into some Jehovahs who wanted to show me a magazine in French, and ran away from someone halfway through giving me a shoe-shine.

I’ll hopefully be going to see some pyramids tomorrow and will try to put some pics up later in the week. My current plan is to head down to the city of Oaxaca on Monday.


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